Best Mobile Apps for Health and Fitness

Best Mobile Apps for Health and Fitness

Smartphones are a big part of our lives. They come in handy when we need to communicate with our family, friends; we can plan our entire agenda on them, or simply set the alarm. Health and fitness are also an essential part of our lives, and thanks to the advanced technology nowadays, we can record our improvements in our smartphones using certain apps.

The best health and fitness mobile apps


If you love running, this app is just for you. Using the RunKeeper app, you can track workouts, set goals, follow a plan, join challenges, and see your progress. The app works with both Google Fit and Apple Health services, which is a plus.

On top of running, the app can handle rides and gym workouts too. As for the social aspect, you can join and create running groups, share your achievements, and encourage one another via the chat feature. The app is free, but you can opt for the premium version.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club app has all the necessary features you need and more. The plus of this app is the dynamic and encouraging community of millions of runners! It has all the motivation you need to keep going. What is cool about it is the new audio-guided running feature. Playlist guide and personalized coaching plans: the best combination.


Strava is a well-known app for tracking your bike riding as well as running via GPS. You can challenge your friends too, or just beat your records to push yourself.
Strava lets you track distance, pace, speed, elevation, and other statistics as you go. What is cool about it is that you can check out some of the routes that are popular with other people and go for it.

Nike+ Training Club

Personal trainers are cool; however, why not use an app? If you only have time for quick workouts, this app is perfect for you. The app has over 150 exercises, depending on your taste, you can choose from intense endurance workouts to yoga. Training plans are available in addition to the individual lessons. Choosing this app, you can get motivation from athletes like Serena Williams! Plus, it syncs with Google Fit and Nike+ Run Club.

Google Fit

Google’s health and fitness app can now collect info from other apps, such as Nike+, MyFitnessPal, Lifesun, Basis, Withings, Xiaomi Mi bands, and three from this list: Runkeeper, Strava, and Sleep as Android, therefore it’s a convenient option as well.

If you have time to set up your goals on Google, you can choose from a long list of activities, from snowboarding to horse riding. However, weight, heart rate, steps, and activity time can all be logged automatically. Google Fit will also give you personalized recommendations and coaching to help you reach your goals.

Instant Heart Rate

Heart Rate gives you accurate heart rates when you need them so you can achieve your fitness goals. The app’s tracking system gives you a timeline of your heart rate so you can track whether you’ve been hitting your cardio or fat-burning goals, as well as monitoring how your resting heart rate behaves under normal conditions. You can also opt for the Pro version of the app.

BMI Calculator

Keeping track of eliminating excess body fat has never been easier. BMI Calculator is the perfect app for that, and its also free! You only need to set up your weight and height, and the app will show you an estimated percentage of your body fat. After setting up all the info, it will give you a recommendation about your exercise regimen. The app has eight classes of body fat on the app, and they range from ‘Very Severely Underweight’ to ‘Obese Class III,’ and it will set up a target goal for you.

Home Workout – No Equipment

If you are too shy to go to the gym, or simply don’t fancy paying for a gym membership, you might want to check this app out. Home Workout – No Equipment, as the name has it, teaches you daily routines that can be performed at home without the need for expensive gym equipment. It has a big range of workouts, depending on your goals.


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