Best Free Workouts on Amazon Prime to Get You in Shape

Best Free Workouts on Amazon Prime to Get You in Shape

Who said you need to spend thousands of dollar every month to get the best of fitness? Time to cancel your gym subscription and grab your phone and TV. The next best revelation is the entire fitness tricks you can enjoy simply through your Amazon Prime subscription. At the time we’re writing this, the cost for an Amazon Prime subscription is $99 a year or $10.99 a month, while an Amazon Firestick starts at $39.99/device and it comes with built-in Prime.

What Do I Need to Do?

Once you got your subscription running, you only need to look up fitness videos. Most of them range between 20 and 30 minutes long so that you can squeeze them in even on a busy day. But now we get to the next question: how do I know which ones to choose? Well, lucky you, we tried out this strategy and made a list with the best free workouts on Amazon Prime, as well as the best add-ons you can use on it.
Best Fitness Gear:

Best Free Workouts on Amazon Prime to Get You in Shape

Zumba Fitness-Concert Live

Have you ever been to a concert and danced until the morning? Well, if you miss doing that, now you can have this experience with Amazon Prime. Take advantage of this Zumba video and have fun while you’re doing your regular cardio. It’s a bit longer indeed, with 70 minutes of Latin dance, but you can break it up in intervals if you’re a beginner.

High-Energy Full-Body Pilates Fitness Fusion Workout

That is a great video that combines three favorite fitness elements: cardio, yoga, and high-energy Pilates. It’s a mat workout that suits beginners as well, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. Moreover, if you feel it’s too tiring for you, you can stick to one round, instead of doing the entire 45 minutes of this workout.

15-Minute HIIT

Maggie Binkley makes this video, and it’s perfect for when you want some cardio, but don’t have much free time. Maggie helps you get through short workouts designed for each day, from Monday to Friday. Each day comes with a different focus on your body, but you will also have some full-body routines to keep you in shape

Best Add-ons for Amazon Prime You Shouldn’t Miss

As promised, it’s time to have a look at 3 of the best add-ons for Amazon Prime which you should check out if you want to get the best from your subscription.

Jane Fonda’s Workout

Unless you lived under a rock in the last years, you can’t have heard at least once about Jane Fonda. With this video from the 80s, the star will guide you through various movements, from strength to aerobics and flexibility. You can also choose between beginners and advanced, and you only need to pay $9.99 for the video.

Denise Austin’s Hot Body Yoga

This 60-minute yoga video is perfect for sculpting long and lean muscles on your body. First, you’ll go through some vinyasa poses, and then you’ll slowly get to toning movements with light weight. For this, you will need to pay $13.99, which is not much if you’re a yoga fan. However, if you don’t love yoga that much, we recommend you to check out Denise Austin either way, because she has some other cardio and strength videos to keep you pumping.

Jillian Michaels

You can find over 12 fitness videos made by Jillian Michaels on Amazon Prime, and one of them is this 30-Day Shred. Michaels will help you go through this month-long challenge while also teaching you the fundamentals of a diet. Cash out some $9.99, and you’re ready to go!


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