Best FREE Fitness Apps On Google Play Store To Workout At Home

Best FREE Fitness Apps On Google Play Store To Workout At Home

We’ve already presented you best workout videos on Netflix, as well as the best gadgets and apps for fitness, but now I’m going to show the best FREE fitness apps on Google Play Store to workout at home without needing fancy fitness equipment, extreme diets, or spending a dime on getting in shape.

Six Pack In 30 Days – Abs Workout

Designed to burn belly fat and sculpt a six-pack abdomen, Six Pack In 30 Days – Abs Workout is the highest-rated free fitness app for Android on Google Play Store. The app comes with three difficulty levels, each of which is formed of 30 different workout sessions with various exercises, to cover a whole month.

Six Pack In 30 Days – Abs Workout doesn’t require the use of any fitness equipment, its exercises can be done at home at any time, and each training sessions is not taking longer than 30 minutes per day. This app is suitable for beginners, pros, men, women, teens, and seniors.

Six Pack In 30 Days is like you have a personal trainer in your pocket.

Lose Weight in 30 Days

Created for women, but also suitable for men, teens, and seniors, Lose Weight In 30 Days is one of the best FREE fitness apps on Google Play Store because it comes with complete workout routines to shape your thighs, hips, waist, arms, and legs, which are backed up by the Meal Plan feature. This feature provides users with interesting and useful dietary tips for losing weight and toning their bodies.

Losing Weight in 30 Days is also tracking your progress and comes with animations and video guidance for each exercise in part for you to be sure you’re doing every activity correctly.

Home Workout – No Equipment

Designed as a complete collection of workout routines for each part of the body, Home Workout – No Equipment fitness app for Android comes with daily training sessions for all the main muscle groups to help you get fit and build muscles in only a few minutes per day. And the best part, as its name says, this app doesn’t require you to use fitness equipment.

This fitness app for Android features warm-up and stretching routines, detailed animation and video guides, as well as workout reminders and fitness and progress tracking features.

Although it is rated slightly rate lower than the others, Home Workout – No Equipment is the only one among the best FREE fitness apps on Google Play Store that covers everything from weight loss and abs workout to arms and legs exercises to help you build lean muscles.

Bodies Done Right

Are you searching to shed pounds, build muscles or just tighten up? Look no further than Bodies Done Right Wellbeing Program, available on both iOS and PC. This app provides guidance and accountability in your exercise regimen while giving the knowledge, support and results desired. All that’s required is creating a profile so that you can start taking advantage of all its wonderful benefits – like exercising anytime anywhere without needing expensive equipment! Plus, earn points towards cash back rewards!

Users access educational videos, exercises and quizzes linked to an activity tracker as well as nutritional journals, wellness logs and success tracking tools. Furthermore, users have access to recipes, communications with trainers and tips for trainers right on their homepage where you can edit routines for exercise, review exercise history, track heart rate and modify profile settings accordingly.

This program has several categories: activities commonly done (weight lifting and swimming, walking or sports); cardio Legs, Arms, Chest, Shoulders and Back; as well as warm-up. Each section includes exercises broken down into sets with an avatar showing you which exercises should be done and how often. You may also create your own workout regimens from scratch and save them conveniently for future reference.


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