Best Exercises To Get Rid Of The Belly Fat

Best Exercises To Get Rid Of The Belly Fat

Your dietary habits might have encountered some difficulties in remaining on the healthy track. One of the most common responses to stress is eating disorders. Eating is a way to reward ourselves. This is why we end up opening the fridge or the goodies drawer multiple times a day. But the consequences this behavior has aren’t pretty. Belly fat accumulates, and we don’t like the image reflected by the mirror. And this becomes a new trigger for stress and the need to make ourselves feel good even for a minute. That cherry chocolate will take care of me for that minute. And on it goes.

It’s understandable to fall into that trap when you feel isolated. So, don’ fall into the guilt trap. Cut your safe a slack of self-understanding and change the perspective. Look at the belly fat as a reason to give you another kind of reward: exercise. It’s a thought you might feel like dismissing. Don’t! Once you start, it will make you feel just as good as the chocolate. Having control over ourselves is rewarding. If you’ve got this far, then here is how these simple four exercises can help.

Best Exercises To Get Rid Of The Belly Fat


Planks make a strong impression on abdominal muscles and posture. The muscles strengthen, and the posture supports the spine the right way. Engage in the press-up position. Bend the elbows, lift your abdomen form the floor, stretch your legs and spine (become a plank), and lay your weight on your forearms—tense your belly and count to ten. Then relax lying on the floor. Repeat the exercise several times.

Side Planks

These are similar to classic planks, only you do them on your side, on only one forearm, and it is the hips that must rise from the floor. Stay in that tensed position and count to ten. Then relax lying on the floor. Repeat the exercise several times.


Crunches are the most common exercises for burning belly fat into muscles because there is nothing there to replace them. Hands under your head, or crossed in front of you, legs stretched od bend, crunches are a must. Make sure you keep your spine as straight as possible. Make sure you control your respiration. Inhale while getting down the floor, and exhale when you go up.

Russian Twists

These are the Russian version of the crunches. You need to repeatedly get your body in the tensed point of the sit up with your knees bent and your spine in an angled position where your belly is tensed. Keep your elbows close to your body, and hold your hands together in front of your chest. While raising from the floor to your knees, twist your torso on the right. At the nets raise to do it on your left. And so on. Your belly fat will reduce fast.

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