7 Gadgets And Apps For Fitness And Health Monitoring

7 Gadgets And Apps For Fitness And Health Monitoring

Whether you are a beginner or a performance athlete, you can always stay in shape and monitor your physical condition with the help of fitness gadgets and apps installed on your portable devices. They quickly provide information on the number of burned calories, heart rate, heart condition, blood pressure, and more. Next, you’ll find a list of the best gadgets and apps for fitness and health.

Mobile apps have become ideal for our day-by-day life, helping us monitor our budget and health, set our schedule, entertain us, and more. It is no wonder that gadgets and apps for fitness became popular.

Best gadgets and apps for fitness and health

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE

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Under Armour came up with a built-in fitness tracking equipment. SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE are smart fitness shoes with fitness tracking equipment build right into the shoe’s soles. The shoes can be connected via Bluetooth to the app installed on your device.

You can get them from Amazon for $149.99.

MyFitnessPal Mobile App

This is one of the best fitness apps on the market, so far. Compatible with both Android and iOS, MyFitnessPal features a barcode nutrition scanner, recipe importer, and a calorie calculator backed by 5 million foods database.

MyFitnessPal costs $9.99/month or $49/year if paid in full.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a very simple to use smartwatch fitness tracker which monitors your heart rate, features a pedometer, can track your activity, and also has a timer and a stopwatch. It’s also ideal for swimming because it is water resistant.

This gadget can be also bought from Amazon and it costs $149.

C25K – Couch To 5K 

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Couch To 5K is an app that promises it will help anyone with a sedentary lifestyle to be able to run a 5 kilometers race, all that within only 9 weeks. It will help you train for 30 minutes per day, for three days per week, for 9 weeks and it promises you will then be able to run for 5 kilometers without any problem.

The app monitors your pace during jogging and the distance you’ve jogged and it’s making it possible for you to analyze your progress and performance.

C25K – Couch To 5K app is free for the first training exercises, then it will cost $4.99 (one-time payment).

Cures A-Z

Not a fitness app but a health app, Cures A-Z is, in fact, a collection of treatments and cures for any known medical condition. It’s like having a “pocket-doctor” 24/7 available.

Cures A-Z is a free app but an upgrade is also available for only $2.

Omron Evolv

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Omron Evolv is an ergonomic and small wireless monitor for blood pressure. It also connects via Bluetooth with its own Android and iOS app, Omron Connect App which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With the app, you can record unlimited readings and you can share the results with your family, friends, or your doctor.

Omron Evolv is clinically-approved and can be bought from Amazon for only $62.23 (deducted from $99.99).

Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

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The Coros LINX is a smart cycling helmet which is wirelessly connecting to your portable device via Bluetooth and it is like a handsfree in the form of a helmet. With Coros LINX you can answer the phone, listen to music, and chat with your cycling pals via its app. Via the helmet’s own app you will also be able to listen to GPS and navigation information.

This smart cycling helmet also comes with an Impact/G-Sensor which is able to send SOS alerts.

Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet is available on Amazon for prices that range between $159.99 and $199.99.

The Bottom Line

The technological evolution was made to change our lives in a positive manner and to simplify living. The best examples are the gadgets and the apps presented above as they are dedicated to helping us live healthier lives.

Take advantage of the IT and Tech progress and use one of the best gadgets and apps for fitness and health that suits you the best.


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    I’m currently still looking for the perfect fitness tracker for me. I already keep track of my nutrition with the help of the app Yazio. I think it’s not as widely spread as MFP, but I actually like it a lot better, due to it’s great design, userfriendly interface and the meal plans that are being offered! Now I’m looking for a fitness tracker that I can connect to Yazio. I thought about getting a Fitbit, but after reading this article I think I might go for the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro.


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