5 Things that Help You Sleep Better

5 Things that Help You Sleep Better

Modern life, as we all know, is extremely busy and filled with stress. Logically, you would expect yourself to be able to sleep like a baby until morning, given the fact that you are extremely tired. However, the paradox here is the fact that British people have been declared the most restless nation in the entire world. As such, a study has shown that more than half of the British have trouble falling asleep, while a third suffers from insomnia.

So what can you do in order to manage to fall asleep and to enjoy some quality sleep to fill you up on energy for the next day?

  1. Eye mask – More often than not, the reason for people not being able to fall asleep is the artificial light. Whether you turn on the TV, use your smartphone before sleep or simply have a bedroom next to a street light, blue light scares sleep away. As such, an eye mask is more than helpful.
  2. Track your sleep – many people use fitness watches to monitor their activity, but why not monitor your sleep as well? Thus you can see what quality is your sleep and how much sleep you actually get.
  3. Headphones – this is no news, since everybody knows that music helps people drift off. In fact, 80% of the British people use soothing sounds to help them sleep.
  4. Use a good mattress – the mattress is particularly important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. If you use an old or lumpy one, then you won’t be comfortable and won’t be able to sleep properly.
  5. Pillow spray – not many people know about this, but a pillow spray can help you calm down. It relies on essential oils, which bring calm and relaxation, thus helping you fall asleep faster and deeper.


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