Your Dirty Kitchen Sponge Can Actually Make Your Family Sick

Your Dirty Kitchen Sponge Can Actually Make Your Family Sick

Even though we clean our houses every day, especially our kitchens, which require more time from us, there is a thing in that room that is always full of dirt and it cannot be cleaned. No, it is not the garbage can; the “filthy problem” is, in fact, the kitchen sponge.


Recent studies have shown that the cleaning sponge is one of the most disgusting and dirtiest objects we own in our kitchens. And due to the fact that it gathers up germs that cannot be removed by using cleaning products on it, no wonder it occupies the first position in the most disgusting things from the kitchen. Scientists say that the old method most of us use, the one that involves soaking the kitchen sponge in boiling water, is not even 25% effective. One of the studies, which was conducted by many researchers in Germany, is based on DNA extraction of 14 frozen kitchen sponges. The result was shocking.

Guilty Bacteria

It appears that even though people who used cleaning products or old cleaning methods, had sponges that were full of a certain germ called “Gammaproteobacteria”. This has to be taken seriously because the bacteria might lead to cholera or food poisoning. Sponges are made out of a material that allows germs to easily extend their “territory”. It is actually a perfect and prolific place for them to live. Over 50 bacterial cells are hiding among the little spaces between the sponge’s synthetic fiber material.


The bacteria is very powerful, nothing you use can get you a germ-free kitchen sponge. There is only one 100% effective solution: toss it away as far and fast as you can. Forget about consumerism or even the small amount of money you have to pay, simply buying a new sponge every week can make your dishes a safer space and the kitchen a bacteria-free place.



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