Young Woman Discovers She Has Stage 4 Cancer After Doctors Initially Dismissed Her Symptoms

Young Woman Discovers She Has Stage 4 Cancer After Doctors Initially Dismissed Her Symptoms

A 25-year old woman from San Diego (California) was assured by three doctors that she doesn’t have any major health problems. But after a CT scan, she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, meaning a type of cancer for soft tissue.

The information comes from Daily Mail, and the woman in question is Kasey Altman. She is now undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Back in October 2020, Kasey got her rare soft tissue cancer diagnosis.

A former athlete

Kasey Altman is a former college athlete who was eating well, exercising daily, and being perfectly healthy until the problems kicked in, according to her words. Tumors began to pop up on her body. She further explains, as Daily Mail quotes, that  “no one would listen to me because I was young, healthy, and looked fine.” She added, according to the same source:

‘The first doctor I saw didn’t give me an exam at all, she just refused to look at it. I walked in and said: “This is what I think is a tumor on my body”.

If you want to learn more about Kasey’s condition, check out what has to say:

Rhabdomyosarcoma is a type of sarcoma. Sarcoma is cancer of soft tissue (such as muscle), connective tissue (such as tendon or cartilage), or bone. Rhabdomyosarcoma usually begins in muscles that are attached to bones and that help the body move, but it may begin in many places in the body. Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common type of soft tissue sarcoma in children.

There are four main types of rhabdomyosarcoma, and all of them are dangerous: embryonal, alveolar, spindle cell/sclerosing, and pleomorphic. Hopefully, nobody else will go through such tragic experiences as Kasey Altman.




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