You Need To Know About The Dementia Signs You May Be Ignoring

You Need To Know About The Dementia Signs You May Be Ignoring

Dementia can be diagnosed when a person has problems with their memory and at least two other aspects of their mental ability. There are many types of dementia, and they can be caused by many different health problems. If you’re concerned that someone you love is developing memory problems, these early signs may be an indication of dementia. The following are five signs that may indicate cognitive impairment in adults:

  • Emotional symptoms: Some people who are suffering from dementia may become emotional or irritable. They may also lose interest in things they used to enjoy.
  • Changes in social skills: People with dementia may struggle to keep up with normal conversations, have difficulty making friends or show an overall decline in their social skills. They may also develop an inappropriate sense of humor or laugh at things that others don’t find funny.
  • Cognitive symptoms: Some people with dementia might experience memory loss and problems with problem-solving and reasoning skills. In addition, they may start experiencing hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t actually there).
  • Worsening mood. If you notice your loved one is becoming more moody and irritable than usual, these could be early signs of dementia. It’s possible that the person is having difficulty controlling emotions or expressing them in a way that’s appropriate for the situation.
  • Problems communicating. When you notice your loved one is having trouble thinking about things to say or putting words together to form a sentence, this may be an early sign of dementia. The person may also have a hard time finding the right word to express their thoughts or describe objects or events.
  • Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy. If your loved one once enjoyed taking walks, going to the grocery store or even doing household chores but now avoids those activities, this might be an early sign of dementia. Some people even choose to give away cherished possessions because they no longer have any interest in them.


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