You Have Much Fewer Chances of Developing Dementia If You Meet This Simple Criterion

You Have Much Fewer Chances of Developing Dementia If You Meet This Simple Criterion

Dementia is one of those horrible mental diseases that can affect many people regardless of their wealth or social status. Pretty much any person can suffer from dementia, meaning when nerve cells and their connections in the brain get damaged or die.

The good news is that a series of decisions that we take can significantly reduce our chances of dealing with dementia. Doctors often recommend we live a healthy life, and that includes working out, eating well, getting enough sleep, and so on.

There’s one specific aspect that we might need to offer special attention to when it comes not only to living a happier life. It can also reduce our chances of developing dementia in the future.

We need a sense of purpose in life

Having a sense of purpose in life could be the key to reducing the chances of suffering from dementia later, according to a new study that Daily Mail tells us about. Data from more than 62,000 adults from three continents were analyzed for the new research, which can only grant an extra level of reliability.

Dr. Joshua Stott from the University of College London, and who’s also the lead author of the study, said, as Daily Mail quotes:

Dementia prevention programmes for at-risk groups that focus on wellbeing could benefit by prioritising activities that bring purpose and meaning to people’s lives, rather than just hedonistic activities that might increase positive mood states.

‘For example, if environmentalism is important to someone, they might benefit from helping in a community garden.

We all have to admit that it’s very easy to find a sense of purpose in life. Furthermore, perhaps most of us already have one. 

The new findings were published in Ageing Research Reviews.

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