You Could Overcome Early Signs of Dementia By Following Simple Method

You Could Overcome Early Signs of Dementia By Following Simple Method

In its severe forms, dementia is one of the deadliest diseases on Earth. Learning how to overcome it is crucial, as nature doesn’t care too much about our social or financial status. In other words, pretty much anyone could deal with dementia during later years.

Just like many other diseases, dementia begins installing gradually in a person’s brain. Too bad most people reject the possibility that they might already have to deal with early signs of dementia! 

Overcome early dementia by maintaining a good social life

Humans are social beings by nature. We like being in the presence of others, at least when it comes to certain people. What’s for sure is that none of us enjoy being completely alone.

Having a good social life could also represent the recipe for overcoming early signs of dementia, according to a new study that Daily Mail tells the world about. Even in the case of mental health starting to deteriorate before, having frequent social interactions (social media doesn’t count, sorry!) can help your brain return to normal. Simple social activities such as spending time with your family and friends or taking part in a group will do the trick.

The new study analyzed roughly 2,200 Americans of the ages from 62 to 90 years old. Almost half of them were dealing with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Researchers analyzed their brain function as well as their social lives. It was later found that 22 percent of the patients suffering from MCI managed to bring their mental health back to normal. 

Ming Wen, the lead researcher of the study and who works at the University of Utah, US, declared as Daily Mail quotes:

Most people would think that this is a one-way direction, once you are cognitively impaired there’s no way to come back,

But we found that even if you were cognitively impaired five years ago, if you actively participate in social interactions – activities such as volunteering, meeting with friends, socialising, attending religious services – then possibly a proportion of these people will get better and become normal again, which is really exciting.

Therefore, there’s no use losing hope too early, as nature itself frequently has the answer to our problems!

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