You Can Have Digital Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Record if You Live in This American State

You Can Have Digital Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Record if You Live in This American State

With over 34 million infections since the start of the ongoing pandemic, the USA remains the most affected country by COVID, and some experts see vaccination as the only solution. With the new Delta variant of the coronavirus spreading, Anthony Fauci believes that more vaccinations are needed, as we’ve written in a previous article.

According to Engadget, the residents of California will receive digital access to their COVID vaccine records. Furthermore, they’ll receive a QR code to scan for confirming if they’re vaccinated or not.

Find COVID vaccine record via website

The tool will be incredibly easy to use, as it’s not represented by a gear or an app that needs installation in a phone or laptop. It will all be done through a simple webpage where people will have to enter a few basic info about themselves: name, phone number or email, date of birth, and the date of their vaccination. A 4-digital PIN will be generated, and the users will have to remember it in order to open their vaccine record.

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The users will also receive a QR code for making their record readable with a QR scanner. They’ll be able to use it to have access to certain events that require vaccination for COVID.

Lucy Dunn, who is president and chief executive at the Orange County Business Council, emphasized the importance for businesses to keep their employees and customers safe. She said, as cited by NBC Bay Area:

“It helps keep us informed as to who is vaccinated and not,” she said. “It’s voluntary, personal, protected and as easy as adding it to your smart phone’s digital wallet like an airline boarding pass.”

About 148 million people living in the USA had been fully vaccinated for COVID until now, according to Our World in Data.


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