Wuhan Virologist Aka “Bat Woman” Drops Breaking Terrifying Coronavirus News

Wuhan Virologist Aka “Bat Woman” Drops Breaking Terrifying Coronavirus News

We’re just ahead of Christmas and then we’re finally going to wave goodbye to the terrible 2020 – this is a year in which people all over the world feel like time was stolen from our lives since the whole coronavirus disaster struck the planet.

We’re living in a pseudo-reality these days, and all that people crave for is health and normality, or at least a life as close to normal as possible. Let’s hope that 2021 will bring this to us.

The good news is that there are lots of viable treatments that can help patients cope with the symptoms of Covid-19 and there are also some vaccines on the way which could probably help stop the pandemic as well.

Wuhan virologist drops massive announcement

It’s been just revealed that bats in the frontier regions of south and south-west China are harbouring other coronaviruses that already have the ability to cross over to humans, according to an important Chinese expert. 

The Guardian notes that Dr Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology said these viruses, including close relatives of Sars-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19, were likely to be circulating in nature beyond China.

“We should not only search for them in China but also in South Asian countries,” said Shi, aka “Bat Woman” because her research group studies bat coronaviruses.

It’s been also revealed that her comments have been made during a webinar that’s organized by the French medical and veterinary academies. 

This woman is also known for the fact that her lab has been accused of being the source of the accidental viral leak earlier this year. 

There is not enough strong evidence to support the claim, but experts are still working on finding more clues. Shi has denied all the allegations, as expected.

Coronavirus in the news 

The virologist did not say that China should be eliminated from the investigation, but she did say that the inquires should go beyond China. 

In other coronavirus related news, there are suggestions that one potential treatment for the virus could be found right across the street, at the local pharmacy – this is the common sleep aid melatonin.

Also, this discovery could lead to a lower death rate among patients with Covid-19. 

And last, but definitely not least, make sure to read the latest on a drug that can STOP the spread of coronavirus in just 24 hours!

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  1. My question is why don’t they just kill the bats if they know where it’s coming from. that would be the logical thing to do. Anything that is a threat to human life should be eradicated if your dog has rabies you put it down if the bats are infecting people they should kill them common sense.

  2. Whatever happened to Charles Lieber, the scientist, from Harvard that lied about income he was being paid for from WuHan $1.5 million to be exact! Also Zheng was arrested in Boston trying return to Wuhan and Ye which was involved and a part of the Chinese military! Open your eyes people these china is our enemy so why should we believe anything they have to much less this lady! I trust none of them or these scientists being paid by China! Treason and Lieber should be put too death along with the other two. Cut All ties to China We all know Biden and his sons have close ties with them and Pelosi


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