Worst Skincare Habits Causing Blemished Skin

Worst Skincare Habits Causing Blemished Skin

Every one of us is fond of smooth, glowy skin. You all want your skin to be free from acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and other skin diseases. Sometimes you can manage them all with light medications and skincare. But if the issue is due to hormones or hereditary, in this case, you need to completely alter your skincare regime.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you blindly develop some skincare habits that completely affect your skin. All these slowly turn your face from bad to worse, and you blame your brands! Blemished skin is a global issue. The article discusses some of the skincare habits that cause blemished skin.

Worst Skincare Habits

For a while, let’s imagine how much oil, dirt, pollutants and germs you accumulate throughout the day! Now, after the day’s end, you return back from home and start taking care of your skin. But the worst skin habit does all the damage to your skincare efforts. Get rid of them.

1. Washing Your Skin Too Often? Acne Likes it!

You need to take care of your skin. Therefore, it’s good to wash your skin in plain water, especially on your return back home from the office.

But if you make a habit of washing your skin too often, it will often make your face worse. Therefore do not wash your skin all the time; they like it!

2. Touching And Pricking Your Skin

Observations say that if you touch and prick your skin too often, it affects the skin. Unfortunately, many of you slowly develop the habit of touching and pricking your skin too much.

But you need to know that your hands carry germs, and touching such sensitive skin tends to cause damage to it. Hence, break the habit of touching your skin all the time. Things will improve automatically with time.

3. Scrubbing Your Skin Vigorously

If you vigorously scrub your skin, it affects acne-prone skin. Unfortunately, many of you have a habit of scrubbing your skin with a washcloth, loofah, and a harsh exfoliant.

It causes irritation, and you are compelled to scrub your skin more and more. Later on, you realize that you unnecessarily scrubbed all the essential oil from your face. To prevent acne, lukewarm water, and gentle cleanser can be effective.

4. Trying A New Acne Treatment Every Week

Some of you are always trying out new acne treatments weekly to get the best results as early as possible. But this faulty and effective approach can be more harmful to you. So instead, if you are using a product, give it sufficient time to work.

Instead, you always show your negligence. Eventually, your skin pays for your mistakes. Atleast give your products six to eight weeks. Generally this is the time which brings in all the improvement. Complete curing generally takes around six to eight months.

5. Sharing Makeup And Makeover Brushes With Other

Do you share your makeup brush and products with your friend? Take your time. It will cost heavily on your skin.

It’s true, acne is not contagious, but when you share the makeover accessories with someone else, the acne-causing bacteria can harm your skin via products. Therefore be mindful not to share beauty products.

6. Hair Products On Your Skin

Keep the hair spray, gel, and other products off your face. Because the chemical composition of your hair care products is definitely different from skin care products.

It is quite logical that the difference between hair and skin is like chalk and cheese. So how do you expect them to work well? First, you have to be conscious regarding the care of your skin type. Even when you are applying them to your hair, cover your face and keep the chemicals off your highly sensitive skin.

7. Cosmetics That Contain Oil

If you have acne-prone skin, please avoid cosmetics containing oil. Your acne-prone skin wants your face to turn more oily so that it can harm it further.

Oil-free options will always be good for you. Therefore be mindful and note the products you use on your skin. When you buy them, look for the terms “non-acnegenic” or “non-comedogenic.” They indeed can prevent your skin from blemishes.

What Else?

You ought to shun these habits if you want to improve your skin. Let us give you some extra here. Sleeping in your makeup is really bad; let us tell you this. Even rubbing the sweat during work is not a good habit. Don’t eat greasy foods; keep away from them to spare your skin and your health.


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