Working Out Reduces Colon Cancer Risks

Working Out Reduces Colon Cancer Risks

New research points out that people who are in the habit of being physically fit could have a lower risk of developing colon cancer. When fit individuals were compared to those that do not exercise, it was discovered that they were 23 percent less likely to develop the abnormal tissue that is associated with colon cancer. People who are physically fit are also 27 percent less likely to develop precancerous neoplasias that are precursors to various types of cancers. This has lead to the realization that exercise should be further promoted as a preventative method in issues relating to cancer.

How to prevent cancer

Regular exercise is proving very beneficial in fighting off cancer. But for those that are not interested or unable to work out, there are other solutions. Other factors influence the spread of cancer and its prevention. These are some of the actions you can do to prevent cancer:

  • Always look at labels – Many foods and drinks contain harmful chemicals and fats
  • Stay away from large amounts of sugar, animal fats, and trans fats
  • Maintain an optimal weight base on your height
  • Maintain a good Body Fat Index
  • Quit smoking

How working out helps prevent colon cancer

Colon cancer is responsible for about 10 percent of new cancer cases worldwide. A concerning 9 percent of these cases result in death for the patients. There is evidence for exercise being a good weapon against colon cancer. However, the picture becomes fuzzy when it comes to precancerous tumors.

The study has been diminished by the fact that it collected data from smaller studies. These processes implied data collection rather than controlled experiments. Study participants were relied upon to report their exercising habits with the help of tracking devices.

The regular training habits of these individuals are said to safeguard them from developing colon cancer. The individuals benefit from improved digestion due to their body chemistry. This also affects their ability to process sugar into energy faster rather than having it slowly degrade the organs.

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