Worker Shortages Due to Mental Health Can Really Change a Company

Worker Shortages Due to Mental Health Can Really Change a Company

This pandemic has been tough on everyone. Some people did not adjust to working from home, and companies are really worried about their employees. Mental health is very important. And it can change everything.

Chris Swift, CEO of The Hartford, stated that we deal with worker shortages everywhere and that it is all happening due to mental health. People deal with loss and isolation every day, and besides COVID, the opioid crisis in America has gotten even worse than before. And this affects the workplace. Workplace burnout keeps rising. 44% of the workers say that they feel tired. Back in 2020, there were 34% of people claiming that. Drug overdose death has reached nearly 100.000. In 2020, the percentage got up to 30%. This is one of the reasons for worker shortages.

52% of U.S. employers claimed that they have issues at work with substance misuse or addiction. And 31% of U.S. employers claim that mental health has a great financial impact on their company. Back in March 2020, the number was at 20%.

How can employers help?

They can help with resources. Online therapy sessions or mental health days are only a few examples. They should also check in with their workers and accept the role of some kind of parent, making their employees comfortable, especially when it comes to talking about personal problems.

But there is another problem here. 72% of U.S. employers claim that the way mental health is seen in society is actually what keeps them from asking for help.

Working nowadays is done either from the headquarters or from home. Some companies choose to go hybrid. No matter what options employers choose, they always need to check in with their employees.


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