William Shakespeare Gets The Vaccine for COVID-19

William Shakespeare Gets The Vaccine for COVID-19

The UK already began rolling out vaccination for COVID-19 and using the drug developed by Pfizer. There’s no wonder why, however, as the European country has been devastated by the pandemic: over 62,000 deaths and a total number of infections of more than 1.7 million.

Two people living in the UK had already been vaccinated for COVID-19, as the rollout of the vaccine developed by Pfizer began today, December 8. And at least one of the two persons has a name that you’ll remember forever.

William Shakespeare becomes the second person vaccinated for COVID-19

No, the British authorities didn’t somehow invent the time machine and brought back the renowned writer from four centuries ago. The person in question is a much less known William Shakespeare, he’s 81 years old, and he was vaccinated at University Hospital Coventry from central England. The National Health Service also confirmed the unforgettable name of the person.

Mr. Shakespeare was hospitalized in Coventry after he suffered a stroke. He received a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine in his left arm as he was wearing a hospital gown. The man’s niece, Emily Shakespeare, said that the patient felt a little frail and took a nap in the afternoon.

Ms. Shakespeare also said about her uncle:

He is fed up being in the hospital,

but today I just want to say that I’m proud that he’s leading the way.

Margaret Keenan is the other person from the UK who was vaccinated for COVID-19. She’s nineteen years old, and she also seems very happy about getting the vaccine. Ms. Keenan said that the first injection received was the “best early birthday present”, as the woman turns 91 in just several days.

With several other companies besides Pfizer preparing to release a COVID-19 vaccine, the pandemic seems like it’s surely approaching its end.


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