Will COVID-19 Vaccination Be Mandatory at Your Workplace?

Will COVID-19 Vaccination Be Mandatory at Your Workplace?

Experts are hoping to vaccinate as many people as possible for COVID-19, as it may be the best chance humanity has to stop the ongoing pandemic. But as getting vaccinated is generally not mandatory, this could change when it comes to certain companies.

CNET.com writes about the lingering conundrum: will the COVID-19 vaccine become mandatory when we return to work? Furthermore, where exactly can you get vaccinated? Let’s find out! However, CNET admits that its article isn’t intended to serve as medical advice.

Employers could require COVID-19 vaccination

It’s at least theoretically possible for employers to introduce vaccination as a term into the employment policies. Furthermore, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reveals that employers from the US can require their employees to get vaccinated against diseases that have caused pandemics.

Where can you get vaccinated for COVID-19?

CNET also speaks about the problem of where to get a vaccine for the coronavirus that’s keeping an entire planet on hold. If you’re afraid of hospitals like most of us, you can also get vaccinated for COVID-19 in a similar way you’re getting the flu vaccine: from clinics, doctors’ offices, pharmacy stores, and health departments.

Reuters writes that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reveals that 39 million COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the US. There was a total of 59,304,600 vaccine doses distributed in the country, and the daily number of COVID-19 infections in the US has started to decrease in the last few days. According to worldometers.info, the country has reported a total of 27.7 million infections and a death toll that exceeds 476,000 people.

As for the worldwide situation, there is a total of over 107 million infections and more than 2.3 million deaths caused by the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully, more than 79 million COVID-19 patients have been recovered.


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