Wildlife Officials Are Puzzled by Finding Sick and Dying Birds in Several American States

Wildlife Officials Are Puzzled by Finding Sick and Dying Birds in Several American States

After reports of sick birds that are falling down for the count across American states such as Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, wildlife management officials are astonished and looking for answers. So far, there’s no explanation for the gruesome sights, according to experts.

The terrifying news is brought by WSLS.com, and people who own birdbaths are asked to maintain them clean to prevent the spread of any disease.

The Department of Wildlife has released a few recommendations, as the public in the outbreak area should follow these rules:

  • Stop feeding birds until the officials find an explanation for the mortality event.
  • Clean birdbaths and feeders using a 10% bleach solution.
  • Keep any pets away from sick or dead birds.
  • Avoid handling birds, or use disposable gloves if handling is an absolute necessity.
    If you encounter a dead bird in your garden, you can remove the animal’s corpse by yourself while avoiding contact with bare hands. If not, you can also contact a local animal removal company for much safer and effective disposal. Such companies have experienced staff able to locate the bird and disinfect the area.

Touching a dead birds’ corpse can lead to encountering dangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Insects that bite can also carry infections after bitting a bird, and as you’ve already guessed, they can pass it over to a person.


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