Why is telehealth more than just a pandemic trend?

Why is telehealth more than just a pandemic trend?

Telehealth is the distribution of healthcare services using digital telemedicine software. It is the best-known method for patients and healthcare providers nowadays. In the past, telehealth was not very popular, and most patients felt better visiting their doctors in person instead of using this technology. But the pandemic has changed the course of history. Before COVID-19 telehealth was underused and understudied – most people didn’t even know about this powerful technology.

As COVID-19 comes in, it works as the driving force for telehealth. In that period, when everyone was sitting at home, if someone needed medical facilities from elsewhere, they had to use this technology. Before this pandemic, no doubt the usage and understanding of this technology were limited, especially in rural areas, but COVID has forced people to use it if they want to save their lives.

As we all know, the bad time has passed, but it gave us a new direction in the field of medicine and a very efficient way to contact our medical healthcare providers. Many digital apps have been made up that automatically keep an eye on the daily routine of the patients. Now telehealth is becoming a part of everyone’s life worldwide. In this blog post, we are going to discuss why and how telehealth is more than a pandemic trend.

Positive Experience:

Research has proved that usage of telehealth has increased by up to 50% compared with the same period in 2019 after this pandemic. No doubt the pandemic has introduced the importance of this magical technology, but now everyone wants to use this technology in place of going to doctors physically. Why?

The answer is very simple: before the pandemic, the patient didn’t even bother with this method, but with COVID, all patients are constrained by nature to use this technology. When patients start using this technology, they feel it is better than physical treatment. You can visit any doctor from any part of the world without actually traveling to him.

This is why people consider it the most efficient and suitable method in the treatment of patients, even when the pandemic has been finished. 

Comfortable Technology for Disable Patients:

One of the most important factors that keep telehealth more than a pandemic trend is disabled patients. Look, almost 15% of the total population lives with some form of disability, and some of them face problems in reaching doctors physically. For example, they especially have to keep someone with them for care to visit doctors and also have to travel from one city to another, even from one country to another, which is very difficult.

But telehealth made it look easy. With the use of telehealth, a disabled patient can also connect to any doctor by sitting in his own city or home. Telehealth has been proven to be a great initiative for disabled patients to connect with their doctors.

In my opinion, disabled patients also played an important role in the success of telehealth even after the pandemic was gone.

Suitable for Rural Areas:

In the past, patients from rural areas had to travel a lot to meet their doctors because there were no top-class medical healthcare providers available in the rural areas, but due to COVID-19 they also had to use telehealth services for the care of patients.

Now the pandemic has finished, but people still choose to use telemedicine because it is a fast and more effective method of taking medicine. This is another big reason that telehealth is not just a pandemic trend.

Final Words:

In this blog post, we have discovered some of the most important reasons why telehealth is more than a pandemic trend. We all know that the reason behind the popularity of telehealth was this pandemic, but now people seem to be more comfortable using this modern technology instead of those conventional treatment methods.

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