White House Doctor Reveals That Joe Biden is Doing Great Regarding His COVID Treatment

White House Doctor Reveals That Joe Biden is Doing Great Regarding His COVID Treatment

Since everybody was overwhelmed by grief and sorrow after hearing the news of US President Joe Biden testing positive for COVID, we’re here to cheer some people up. White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, reveals that Mr. Biden is responding very well to the COVID treatment he’s getting.

According to Dr. O’Connor, the COVID symptoms of the US President are almost completely gone. Joe Biden began treatment with Paxlovid as soon as he found out about the test coming back positive.

The doctor explained as Fox News quotes:

President Biden completed his fourth full day of PAXLOVID last night. His symptoms have now almost completely resolved,

When questioned, at this point he only notes some residual nasal congestion and minimal hoarseness.

O’Connor also added, as the same source quotes:

His pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature remain absolutely normal,

His oxygen saturation continues to be excellent on room air. His lungs remain clear.

Paxlovid treatment will continue. The doctor also revealed that Biden is not experiencing any shortness of breath, which is a common COVID symptom. The President will also continue to take aspirin in low doses.

Less than a week ago, Joe Biden posted a video of himself on Twitter where he spoke about his positiveness for the coronavirus. He thanked those who were concerned about him, revealed that he was only going through mild symptoms, and advised people to keep the faith.


It was known from the start that despite being 79 years old, US President Joe Biden has a very high chance of recovering from COVID without many difficulties since he is vaccinated and ‘double boosted.’ Even since his coronavirus test proved to be positive, Mr. Biden was only going through mild symptoms.

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