When Does Consuming Too Much Alcohol Become a Problem?

When Does Consuming Too Much Alcohol Become a Problem?

Alcohol is a legal drug that has been used for centuries around the world as a social lubricant and stress reliever. It is used in a variety of social settings, from parties to the workplace.

Some people drink responsibly and in moderation, while others may drink heavily or excessively at times. When an individual consumes too much alcohol, it can be potentially fatal.

The definition of “too much” varies depending on the person, circumstances, and type of alcohol which is consumed.

There are some signs when someone does have a problem with their alcohol intake, though. Here are a few signs when consuming too much alcohol becomes a problem.

Consuming more alcohol than was expected

Consuming more alcohol than was expected is a problem when it causes harm to the drinker’s physical or mental health when they have difficulty controlling their drinking or do something that harms themselves or others while under the influence of alcohol.

It becomes a more significant issue in young people whose brains are still developing and is associated with risky behavior such as drinking and driving or engaging in unprotected sex.

Losing control of how much they drink

People who have a problem with their alcohol intake tend to have a hard time controlling when and for how long they drink. They may also lose the ability to reduce or quit drinking independently, which is one of the biggest signs when consuming too much alcohol becomes an issue.

This tends to be more common in people who begin drinking at a young age and continue to drink heavily and excessively even if they know its risks. They may also abstain from drinking for some time but then revert back when their cravings become too strong or when they feel pressured, an alcohol detox center will definitely be of help.

No longer enjoying things they used to because of alcohol

Heavy drinkers might lose interest in hobbies, friends, family members, and other activities that they used to enjoy when they weren’t under the influence of alcohol as much as before.

They may also neglect their professional or school responsibilities due to excessive drinking. They will put their alcohol drinking before all of these responsibilities because drinking is far more important to them.

Spending more time thinking and recovering from drinking

People who do have a problem with their alcohol intake will spend more time worrying about where their next drink is going to come from and recovering from the effects of the last one. 

They may neglect normal responsibilities or miss work frequently due to hangovers. They will spend time thinking about their next drink, finding it, and drinking it instead of engaging in other necessary pursuits for them to thrive.

Making excuses to drink

If someone is incapable of going a certain period of time without drinking, they may make excuses to drink with loved ones or coworkers. They will continuously offer reasons why it is okay for them to drink despite alcohol’s negative influence on their lives.

They will say things like “it’s Friday” or “I can’t get through this day without a drink.” This could be a sign they are not in control of their drinking, so they need to make excuses to do it.

People who drink too much may not acknowledge they have a problem if it is not obvious. They might think that everyone drinks as much as them or that what they are doing is normal.

They may not be aware of the effects their drinking is having on them and how it’s causing problems in their lives. It’s important to help these individuals get treatment before they do cause irreversible harm to themselves or others.


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