What Is Amaxophobia And Why Does It Mostly Affect Women?

What Is Amaxophobia And Why Does It Mostly Affect Women?

Amaxophobia is the fear of driving, to hit the road, to be overwhelmed by driving in the city, to scratch the car while parking, and so on. According to recent studies, amaxophobia is affecting women, mostly.

When driving becomes a nightmare

Amaxophobia can be due to multiple factors. Having suffered an accident, having had a mishap on the road, or any type of bad memory related to driving. And it does not even have to happen to ourselves, also the experience of loved ones can affect us.

You feel sweating, discomfort, tachycardia, your gut hurts from pure fear.

The worst, you will develop anxiety and the feeling of helplessness, of not being able to do something that for others seems to be so easy.

Amaxophobia symptoms

The nervous crisis or the panic produced by getting behind the wheel can produce symptoms such as extreme anxiety, tachycardia, sweating, uncontrolled tremors, dizziness, headache, discomfort in the stomach, or muscle stiffening.

But there are also other types of less physical symptoms like crying, nightmares before or after driving, and all kinds of negative thoughts, such as fear of an accident, running over someone, damaging your car, and so on.

Why does it mostly affect women?

According to the studies in this regard, amaxophobia is more frequent in women, up to twice as much as in men.

Women are usually very sensitive to the high level of stress and have a whole history of depression or anxiety, emotional fragility, low self-esteem, reduced level of tolerance to frustration, high level of self-demand, and high susceptibility to fear.

One out of every four drivers states that they are very anxious at the wheel, while among male drivers this ratio would be one in five.

Is amaxophobia treatable?

To begin with, the really important thing is to detect the degree of amaxophobia and try to overcome it by progressively driving. And with the help of professionals, of course.

Therapeutic driving courses for the victims of traffic accidents who are suffering from amaxophobia are held in almost every country in the world. These sessions are coordinated by a team of psychologists and road trainers specialized in dealing with victims of amaxophobia.

Such sessions try to help participants overcome their fears, correct risk situations on the road, and solve unexpected events at the wheel.

Another option is to go to a driving school specialized in dealing with this problem, offering personalized therapies that combine the work of a psychologist with a road training instructor.

Amaxophobia is a serious condition which mostly affects women and should be treated, as soon as possible.


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