We Must Be Aware of New Possible Monkeypox Symptoms

We Must Be Aware of New Possible Monkeypox Symptoms

Many people who have been dealing lately with fever, rash, headaches, muscle aches, or others, have found out from the doctors that they have monkeypox. The current spread of the disease is still concerning the world, and there’s no wonder why.

Researchers were recently raising the possibility that the monkeypox viral disease is going through some unprecedented mutations. If that’s also not enough to make you be more careful with your health and your encounters, as the disease can spread through close contact, you might as well need to be aware of more symptoms except for those mentioned above. 

The CDC warns of rashes around the genitals and anus

Many American states have reported cases of monkeypox so far. What’s alarming is that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) claims that people dealing with some recent infections with the viral disease are showing new and worrying symptoms, according to livescience.com.

Rashes in the area of the genitals and the anus are included, and the bad news doesn’t stop there. Some patients even manifest rectal bleeding and painful inflammation of the proctitis. These later symptoms are surely not found among what researchers initially thought to be symptoms of monkeypox.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO (World Health Organization), said during a briefing, as NBC News quotes:

It’s now clear that there is an unusual situation, meaning even the virus is behaving unusually from how it used to behave in the past.

It may come as a surprise that many cases of monkeypox that occurred across the US territory were reported for gay and bisexual people, considering that the CDC also tells us that any person can get infected and spread the disease, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.


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