We Can’t Blame Bats for COVID, New Research Claims

We Can’t Blame Bats for COVID, New Research Claims

If someone had told you three years ago that almost the entire world would be facing lockdowns due to the spread of a respiratory illness, you would probably have called him crazy. But we all know what happened during the COVID pandemic.

While we’re not here to deny the importance of pandemic-related measures, surely we would like to find out more about how such an awful disease was brought into the world. Even since the early months of the pandemic, many thought that the virus first emerged in bats, but a new study from Israeli scientists comes to contradict the idea.

No evidence that bats transmitted COVID to humans

According to The Jerusalem Post, new research from the Tel Aviv University (TAU) hasn’t found any compelling evidence that bats are responsible for bringing the coronavirus into the world. Dr. Maya Weinberg led the study in the laboratory of Prof. Yossi Yovel, who is head of the Sagol School of Neuroscience of TAU.

Here’s a good argument provided by the researchers involved in the new study, as the publication mentioned above quotes:

Bats have a highly effective immune system that enables them to deal relatively easily with viruses considered lethal for other mammals.

In other words, bats from China are not to blame for the emergence of the coronavirus. The researchers said that the correlation between the animals and the pandemic wasn’t based on enough compelling scientific proof. Furthermore, the situation caused unnecessary confusion on a worldwide scale, the scientists say. 

Otherwise, the COVID pandemic is still not over. Worldometers.info reveals that there are still many infections with the coronavirus every day across the world. 

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