Washington State Health Is Put Under Immense Stress Due to Increased COVID-Related Hospitalizations

Washington State Health Is Put Under Immense Stress Due to Increased COVID-Related Hospitalizations

The ongoing pandemic is severely impacting Washington communities, filling hospitals at an enormous rate and keeping health care workers alerted at all times and especially worried about pregnant and unvaccinated individuals, according to the state hospital leaders’ recent statement.

Hospital leaders from the Washington State Hospital Association’s claimed they had seen more cases than ever in a recent briefing, adding that they are hoping that infections would begin to decrease in number.

However, Cassie Sauer, the association’s CEO, confirmed on Monday morning that the situation would only get worse.

A tally from Monday morning revealed that the state’s hospitals and health care centers were taking care of 1,570 COVID-19 patients throughout Washington, out of which a total of 188 were on ventilators, Sauer said.

Only eleven days ago, the association counted 1,240 patients. Out of those, 152 were on ventilators.

“It’s an enormous stress on a health care system to have this many patients with a single diagnosis. This doesn’t happen. … It’s very, very alarming,” Sauer added.

A recent statistic of the state determined 550,988 total infections and 6,507 total deaths, as per a statistic of the Department of Health.

An estimated 31.4% of Washington’s intensive care units are filled with COVID-19 patients.

The last situation report of the state in early August revealed that deaths stayed mostly at a constant level since late March, with an average reaching five people at the end of March.

However, at the end of July, Washington registered approximately six deaths per day. The situation got even worse on Monday, as the state hospital leaders claimed they’d noticed a spike in deaths.

It quickly became clear that the health workers were facing a so-called pandemic of the unvaccinated, as citizens 12 and older who didn’t get fully vaccinated consisted of 93% of COVID-19 cases, 94% of hospitalizations, and 92% of deaths, the DOH reported.

“We have this sense at the hospital association that the public generally thinks things are more back to normal, that people are going about having parties, going to fairs, Labor Day events,” she added.

According to her, there is concern that the public perception of the critical situation doesn’t match what is going on inside hospitals.

Also, as an all-time premiere, hospitals are seeing considerably more sick pregnant patients, according to Dr. Tanya Sorensen, the executive medical director of women’s health at Swedish Health Services.

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