Vitiligo – Signs Of The Disease, Causes And Recommendations

Vitiligo – Signs Of The Disease, Causes And Recommendations

Vitiligo is a problem that affects 1 in 200 people worldwide. This condition is characterized by the appearance of pink or white spots on any area of the body. To avoid vitiligo getting worse, it is important to have a healthy life, to minimize exposure to sunlight, and apply creams and natural remedies to protect the skin.

Vitiligo can affect people of any ages. It occurs when skin cells stop producing melanin. Even if the exact cause of the disease is unknown, some of the causes are genetic heritage, problems of the thyroid gland, stress, diabetes, Addison’s disease and depression,

In addition to these factors, the most widespread theory among researchers is that vitiligo is due to an imbalance of the immune system.

Recommendations for treating vitiligo:

– Consult a dermatologist: this can give you a safe diagnosis;

– Keep a healthy lifestyle: stop smoking, over-eating and other harmful habits;

– Choose Positive Thoughts: It is common for people with vitiligo to experience depression due to this disorder. It is recommended to maintain a positive attitude towards healing;

– Avoid stress: It is recommended to practice relaxation techniques, but also meditation, conscious breathing, and spending as much time outdoors as possible;

– Avoid exposure to the sun: Especially between the most critical hours;

– Exercise regularly: Sport helps us feel better, eliminate toxins and stress while improving the quality of life;

– Eat a balanced diet: It is important to eliminate foods that have many chemical components. Choose to cook with natural and simple ingredients.


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