Vegetarians Have Higher Chances to Deal With Depression

Vegetarians Have Higher Chances to Deal With Depression

Whether you’re a vegetarian/vegan or not, you cannot deny that consuming meat has some huge advantages for the human body. A new study based on data from Brazil seems to discourage those who have adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, as it shows that these folks are twice more likely to suffer from depression compared to those who consume meat, according to

Surprisingly or not, the new study is not the only one showing that those who avoid meat are more likely to be depressed. What’s interesting is that the new research claims that it’s not necessarily the kind of food you eat that makes you more or less depressed than others. 

The treatment of animals likely makes vegetarians more depressed

Vegetarians are often upset and angered at how animals are being treated, which is why they seem to be more depressed, according to the research. On the other hand, those who consume meat are not interested in the treatment of animals. That doesn’t make this latter group resentful at the very existence of our non-verbal friends, but since they are occupied with other stuff rather than seeing how animals are being treated, it could explain why they tend to be less depressed. 

The new study took into account many nutritional factors (protein intake, calorie intake, level of food processing, and more), and it suggests that it’s not the nutritional content in the diets of vegetarians causing their depression.

In general, about 50% of those who suffer from depression also receive an anxiety disorder. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to treat depression without getting pills into your body: regular exercise, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and so on. On the other side, the causes of depression can also be a lot: stress, loneliness, alcohol and drugs, and so on.

The new research was published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.


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