Varicose Veins Prevention And Treatment With Physical Exercise Is Possible

Varicose Veins Prevention And Treatment With Physical Exercise Is Possible

Varicose veins represent a common condition which raises many cosmetic concerns, even though it is not dangerous or life-threatening if appropriately treated. While any vein in the body can become varicose, varicose veins usually occur in lower limbs due to the pressure exerted on the veins of legs and feet by the standing position. However, physical exercises can help people prevent and treat this condition.

In some rare cases, some people suffering from varicose veins can experience pains and heavy legs, but also muscle cramps and swelling, especially in the calves area. On the other hand, if left untreated, this condition triggers more severe disorders, including bleeding and skin ulcers.

If experiencing varicose veins, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible, as this condition might also be the result of some more serious cardiovascular disorders.

Physical exercises to prevent and treat varicose veins

While some risk factors can be avoided, such as overweight, salt consumption, unhealthy eating habits, some other causes of varicose veins are not controllable, such as age, gender, or family medical history.

Keep in mind that not any type of physical activity is appropriate for preventing or treating varicose veins. Therefore, the best ones out there are low-impact aerobic physical exercises, such as walking and cycling.

In short, any exercise that strengthens the legs, the calves, in particular, is ideal for preventing varicose veins from occurring.

When not training your lower limbs, to avoid any risk of developing varicose veins, or relieving yourself from the condition’s symptoms, spend most of your time sitting or even laying down with your legs slightly higher than the rest of your body. So, the pressure exerted on your legs will reduce, helping you feel better.

If you have to sit on your feet for an extended period, then you should raise your calves for once in a while to reduce the pressure on your lower limbs.


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