US Health Authorities Allow COVID-Infected Staff Members to Continue Their Work

US Health Authorities Allow COVID-Infected Staff Members to Continue Their Work

The flood of COVID infections mainly caused by the Omicron variant in the USA is leading to unexpected decisions. We were all shocked to find out that in France, the idea of calling back to work healthcare members even though they were infected with COVID, was considered.

According to, there’s a similar situation in the USA: health authorities across the country are allowing more and more healthcare workers to remain at their jobs even though they’ve been infected with COVID. The condition is for them to deal with mild symptoms or none at all.

California, Arizona, and Rhode Island hospitals apply the new measure

If you’re working in the health system in California, Arizona, or Rhode Island, there’s no use hoping to spend a few days at home if you get a positive result at a COVID test. Some of the hospitals from these American states are applying the new method of allowing staff members to continue their work even though they’re infected with COVID.

Those staff members who got infected with the coronavirus will have to wear N95 masks. They also should be assigned to treat patients who are also dealing with COVID.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Jan Emerson-Shea, who is a spokesperson of the California Hospital Association, declared as quoted by

We did not ask for this guidance, and we don’t have any information on whether hospitals will adopt this approach or not,

But what we do know is that hospitals are expecting many more patients in the coming days than they’re going to be able to care for with the current resources.

According to information brought by, the USA reported over 670,000 infections with COVID yesterday, January 10. Omicron has become the dominant strain in the country for quite a while, which explains the massive surge in infections.

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