US County Faces Hundreds of COVID Infections Among Fully Vaccinated

US County Faces Hundreds of COVID Infections Among Fully Vaccinated

During times when many renowned voices from the US are urging people to get vaccinated for COVID-19, things may be more complicated than they look. A county from Tennessee (US) is confronting with hundreds of breakthrough COVID infections, meaning cases of people contracting the virus even though they’ve been fully vaccinated.

The news is brought by the Fox 17 publication. According to a doctor, two of the afore-mentioned COVID cases resulted in the deaths of the patients. Shelby County from Tennessee is currently confronting with 458 breakthrough COVID-19 cases, as revealed by FOX 13 in Memphis. According to Dr. Bruce Randolph, 30 of those cases are due to the Delta variant of COVID, which is considered more infectious than the other strains.

Over 1,000 breakthrough cases reported

The Department of Health from Tennessee reported more than 1,000 breakthrough cases, and 27 of the patients died.

Credit:, Gerd Altmann
Credit:, Gerd Altmann

But there’s also some good news, as the breakthrough cases from Shelby County are representing less than 1 percent of the area’s cases overall.

Dr. Randolph declared for FOX 13:

It’s not breakthrough cases driving these numbers up. It’s unvaccinated individuals.

According to medical experts, the so-called “breakthrough” cases of COVID infections aren’t representing something unexpected, as neither of the vaccines can grant 100% protection. Even so, infectious disease experts such as Anthony Fauci are encouraging people to get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci also declared, as quoted by ABC News:

I think people need to appreciate when you talk about breakthrough infections that the original data from the clinical trial — the efficacy data was based on preventing clinically apparent disease, not preventing infection, such as a symptomatic infection.

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