Unexpected Coronavirus Weapon: Potential Key To Immune Therapy

Unexpected Coronavirus Weapon: Potential Key To Immune Therapy

There has been a lot of struggle coming from experts and researchers all over the world in order to find viable treatments and successful vaccines that could stop the terror triggered by this pandemic and get our everyday lives back on track.

Some have shown potential, and others failed lamentably,

Now, it’s been revealed by BBC that experts from the UK’s Rosalind Franklin Institute have used Fifi’s specially evolved antibodies to make an immune-boosting therapy – who’s Fifi, you ask? Well, FiFi is a cute llama and her immune system has provided the template for a coronavirus treatment breakthrough.

Llamas could turn out useful 

It’s been revealed that the resulting llama-based, Covid-specific “antibody cocktail” could enter clinical trials in just a few months. This amazing development is published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.

It involves “engineering” llama antibodies – these are pretty small, and they are more simply structured compared to the antibodies in our own blood. That size and structure means they can be “redesigned” in the lab, according to the reports from BBC.

Professor James Naismith, who is also the director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute – and the lead researcher – said that this technique is similar to cutting a key that fits the coronavirus lock.

“With the llama’s antibodies, we have keys that don’t quite fit – they’ll go into the lock but won’t turn all the way around,” he said.

He continued and explained, “So we take that key and use molecular biology to polish bits of it, until we’ve cut a key that fits.”

Check out the photo below:

Vaccine production to begin soon

It’s been just revealed that the U.S. health officials and drugmakers are expecting to start the production for a potential coronavirus vaccine by the end of this summer, according to a senior administration official. 

Experts are still struggling to find the best candidate for the vaccine. 

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