Type 2 Diabetes – Patients Are Affected By A Popular Activity

Type 2 Diabetes – Patients Are Affected By A Popular Activity

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that appears when the body cannot produce or does not react to insulin. Patients who receive this diagnostic will have to change their lifestyle to protect themselves, but there is one activity that is quite popular and risky, according to a recent study.

If the body cannot produce or process the required amount of insulin, blood sugar levels will become too high, leading to a large number of issues among which we can count nerve damage, ulcers on the feet, heart problems, and a higher risk to have a stroke.

In most cases, the condition surfaces as a consequence of a poor diet, which increases blood sugar levels and is quite common.

To avert such an outcome is recommended to follow a well-balanced diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and fibers. Exercises are also mandatory, and it is advised to work out for at least 150 minutes (or two and a half hours) each week.

Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Are Affected By A Popular Activity

During a recent study, a team of researchers discovered that blood sugar levels could raise if you spend more than an hour while looking at your smartphone or tablet before sleep. Exposure to light generated by an electronic device before sleep can also affect weight and other factors.

According to one of the researchers who contributed to the study, the light emitted by electronic devices is an environmental endocrine disrupter that compromises the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is based on a 24 hours pattern, and it relies on environmental clues to remain synchronized.

By interfering with the secretion of melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, exposure to the artificial light will compromise the sleep pattern, and it can also lead to weight gain without consuming a larger amount of calories.

It is recommended to obtain and use light blocking glasses, which can be found easily on the internet, to minimize any potential negative consequences.


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