Type 1 Diabetes Might Be Completely Cured By A New And Potentially Working Medication

Type 1 Diabetes Might Be Completely Cured By A New And Potentially Working Medication

A new medicine which has been tested on human cells and in lab mice proved to be able to reduce the symptoms and the causes of Diabetes Type 1. If it will be proven safe and efficient in the trials on humans, this new drug might become the first complete treatment for the Type 1 Diabetes.

The breakthrough was issued earlier in the journal Nature Communications and was conducted by an international team of doctors, led by Spanish researchers.

“If they are really capable of transferring this to humans, it has applications not only in prevention but also in treatment. This opens a door to the cure of Type 1 Diabetes,” said Ramon Gomis, a professor at the University of Barcelona and a researcher in Diabetes disease.

Type 1 diabetes a very common illness, worldwide, affecting millions of people. It is a condition that is commonly occurring in early stages of life and is due to the destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas, responsible the insulin hormone’s storage and secretion. It is an autoimmune disorder because the lymphocytes of the immune system cause the destruction of the beta cells.

The newly developed treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

So far, the only available cures for this disease were cellular therapy and immunosuppression. The first can only replenish the damaged beta cells, while the latter can only work to correct the immune system’s response.

The new potentially effective treatment works in both ways, at the same time:

  • Reduces the immune system’s response;
  • Helps beta cells multiply at the pancreas level;

“To cure Type 1 Diabetes you have to do both: make cells that replace those that do not work and stop the cause,” explained Bernat Soria, one of the researchers involved in this new drug development.

Even though during their tests the scientists injected the frug in lab mice, they now work on developing a pill with the same efficiency.

Besides, the researchers’ ultimate goal will be to re-educate the immune system not to attack the pancreas’ beta cells, once and for good, and this new treatment for Type 1 Diabetes might do it, according to the scientists.

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