Three Bats Test Positive for Rabies in Jefferson County (Colorado, USA) – Caution Becomes Mandatory

Three Bats Test Positive for Rabies in Jefferson County (Colorado, USA) – Caution Becomes Mandatory

Any animal can get rabies, a viral disease that almost always leads to death. The main animals that can carry rabies are skunks, foxes, raccoons, and bats. The disease can easily be transmitted to humans through a simple bite or scratch from an infected animal.

According to, three bats from Jefferson County (Colorado, United States) were tested positive for rabies. Therefore, public health and wildlife officials are obviously urging residents to take precautions. Last but not least, if anybody came into direct contact with bats, contacting the local health department ASAP becomes the only option.

Routine surveillance revealed the three bats carrying rabies

Eighteen bats were tested at the Kentucky Department for Public Health lab as a result of routine surveillance conducted for possible human exposure. The three infected bats were found in the lot – two of the animals were located inside an individual residence, and the third one was found outdoors.

Credit:, Dust in the Wind
Credit:, Dust in the Wind

Connie Mendel, an assistant director of Public Health and Wellness, declared as quoted by

Bats should never be handled by untrained and unvaccinated persons nor be kept as pets,
Bats have small, very sharp teeth, and you may not know that you have been bitten. Transmission of rabies can occur from even minor, seemingly unimportant, or unrecognized bites from bats. So please, NEVER touch a bat.

Mendel added as cited by the same publication:

It’s also important to protect your pets from rabies. Please make sure your pet is up to date on its rabies vaccination.

Otherwise, bats are fascinating creatures. These animals are able to fly at speeds of 60 mph or even more, and they can locate their food in total darkness. Bats also have a hibernation period of 183 days.

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