This Simple Step Could Kill 2nd/3rd Coronavirus Waves – Would You Do It?

This Simple Step Could Kill 2nd/3rd Coronavirus Waves – Would You Do It?

There’s been a massive debate about whether we’ll see a second massive coronavirus wave or even a third one. Experts are revealing all kinds of contradictory opinions, and nothing’s certain these days. 

SFGate just revealed the fact that there’s a new modeling study at the Cambridge and Greenwich universities which is suggesting the fact that face masks may be even more important than originally believed in preventing future waves of the new coronavirus.

we’ve been told many times so far to wear a face mask indoors, outdoors, in crowded places and so on. 

“To ward off resurgences, the reproduction number for the virus (the average number of people who will contract it from one infected person) needs to drop below 1.0,” the online publication mentioned above notes. 

It seems that experts do not believe that such a thing is possible only with the lockdown. They say that the most efficient combination is a mix between lockdown and wearing a face mask. 

Face masks and lockdown could do the trick 

“We show that, when face masks are used by the public all the time (not just from when symptoms first appear), the effective reproduction number, Re, can be decreased below 1, leading to the mitigation of epidemic spread,” researchers said in the paper that has been published Wednesday by the Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

Another important thing that’s worth mentioning is the fact that it seems that the masks don’t even have to be top-of-the-line surgical or respiratory masks. 

They concluded by saying that homemade masks that are able to catch only 50% of the exhaled droplets would provide a “population-level benefit.”

The study’s lead author, Dr. Richard Stutt, stated the following: “Our analyses support the immediate and universal adoption of face masks by the public.”

Also, it’s important to note some great news regarding an existing vaccine that could turn out helpful and some treatments as well. 


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