This Simple Behavior Grants You 50 Percent More Chances to Develop Dementia

This Simple Behavior Grants You 50 Percent More Chances to Develop Dementia

Dementia is certainly one of those diseases that you should do your best to avoid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work many times, and a lot of people who suffer from dementia aren’t even diagnosticated with it. That happens due to their hesitancy in seeking medical advice. tells us about one behavior that you should definitely not do. Otherwise, the risk of developing dementia goes up by about 50%. Craig Thomas is backing up the idea, who’s an MD and director of population health for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Social self-isolation could lead to dementia

The new study blames socially self-isolating as a factor of raising the risk of dealing with dementia by about 50%. Thomas claims it via an interview presented by the CDC, emphasizing the importance of social connection between human beings. He also brings some good news, saying that there are ways to avoid the scenario of self-isolating, and even admits that self-isolation isn’t very known as a risk factor for developing dementia.

Craig Thomas explained, as quoted by

Human beings are social by nature, and high-quality relationships are vital for health and wellbeing. And, while the science of social relationships and their consequences on health have been documented for decades, the feelings of loneliness and social isolation remain an under-recognized risk to the public’s health,

Among older adults, there’s a 50 percent increase in risk for dementia, including the most concerning type—Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is also known as the most common form of dementia, and in its most advanced state, it can turn an adult’s mind at the level of a one-year-old child. The disease doesn’t care how smart the victim is – it will still tear down its memory and cognitive abilities.


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