This Existing Vaccine Could Protect You Against Coronavirus

This Existing Vaccine Could Protect You Against Coronavirus

Experts from all over the world teamed up to work for a vaccine that could protect us against the novel coronavirus. More vaccines are in the works these days, all over the globe and the hopes are really high.

More than that, it’s been revealed that there are also some treatments that can successfully fight the symptomatology of the COVID-19 disease produced by this new virus. 

While experts are discussing the probability of a second coronavirus wave, we get another good news!

Polio vaccine could turn out helpful 

CNN reveals that some experts have turned their attention to a polio vaccine as a way to provide some temporary protection against the novel coronavirus.

It’s been reported that there is plenty of evidence that existing inoculations such as polio vaccines protect kids against a wide range of infections and this means that it’s worth trying them out against the new virus as well. This is what experts wrote in Science magazine this week. 

CNN notes that an oral polio vaccine is cheap, safe and more than that, it’s easy to give and available widely. This amazing vaccine managed to eradicate polio worldwide almost completely. 

It’s also worth noting that the oral polio vaccine is using a weakened version of the polio virus and “The live attenuated vaccines produce a strong and long-lasting immune response, vaccine,” experts say. 

Polio vaccine should be tested 

Konstantin Chumakov of the FDA and Dr. Robert Gallo of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland, and colleagues said that it would make sense to at least test it and see if it helps against the coronavirus.

The oral polio vaccine (OPV) produces herd effects, according to experts. It’s important to note the fact that herd immunity is reached when 70-90% of the population becomes immune to an infectious disease.

“The risk of complications due to OPV is extremely low,” they added.

Check out the complete details in CNN’s original article

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