This Beverage Can Cause Mouth Cancer – The Drink the NHS Warns Is “Carcinogenic!”

This Beverage Can Cause Mouth Cancer – The Drink the NHS Warns Is “Carcinogenic!”

The risk of developing mouth cancer is related to a number of different factors and what you drink is definitely, and perhaps, unsurprisingly, one of them!

That being said, whenever any drink is described as being, “carcinogenic,” it means that it features chemicals that are unfortunately able to damage the DNA cells and put you at a higher risk of developing mouth cancer.

Unfortunately for many out there who enjoy alcohol consumption, this popular beverage group has been labeled by the NHS as carcinogenic.

This includes pretty much anything from beer to wines, to spirits and liqueurs.

At the same time, the Mouth Cancer Foundation makes it very clear that a significant percentage of those diagnosed with mouth cancer – 30 percent of them – “drink excessively.”

What this means in this context is that they tend to consume over “21 units of alcohol per week.”

The charity goes on to explain how “That’s about 7 large glasses of wine or 11 cans of medium strength lager.”

They go on to point out that alcohol “dries out the skin of one’s mouth and makes it more porous.”

At that point, it can get “broken down by the bacteria in the mouth to make cancer causing chemicals.”

For those who drink and also smoke, the situation is even more dire as the danger of developing mouth cancer gets significantly higher.

More precisely, the experts mention that combining the two – drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes – can actually increase the risk of mouth cancer by about “30 times!”

The reason for this is the way alcohol affects the inside of the mouth, which then aids tobacco toxins to more easily pass through that weakened skin.

With that being said, tobacco smoke is so dangerous because it “contains formaldehyde, a poisonous chemical that’s similar to acetaldehyde produced by the breakdown of alcohol.”

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