These Are the Most Common Pfizer Booster Side Effects According to the CDC

These Are the Most Common Pfizer Booster Side Effects According to the CDC

As more and more people are preparing for the third booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine, the CDC released data regarding the possible side effects of the booster. The good news is that the common reactions are mild and not a reason to worry.

The CDC looked at the answers of 212,191 volunteers using the v-safe smartphone monitoring program to record their experiences with a booster shot on any vaccination between 12 August and 19 September. The results appeared in the first edition of CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Of those who received the Pfizer vaccination, 11,209 were given three doses. According to the CDC, the third dose of the shot generated comparable adverse responses for second doses, mostly mild to medium reactions.

According to the CDC’s study, only two reactions occurred in more than half of patients: 51 percent reported fatigue and 66.6 percent had pain at the injection site, which was the most common reaction seen in those who received the additional shot from Pfizer.

In general, the CDC reports that their data revealed no unforeseen patterns of severe adverse events following further dosages of COVID-19 vaccination.

The Pfizer vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic has made the need for an effective COVID-19 vaccine even more urgent. As a leading pharmaceutical company developing vaccines, Pfizer has been working closely with governments, public health experts, and the World Health Organization (WHO) to speed the development of vaccines and antiviral treatments.

After the first two shots were administered, recent data suggest that for adults aged 65 years and older, the effectiveness of the vaccine may decrease over time. Although it is effective in preventing severe disease, it is less likely to prevent infection or milder illness with symptoms. As a consequence, a third booster shot is needed to improve immunity.


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