There’s no Reliable Religious Argument Against COVID Vaccination, Says Megachurch Preacher

There’s no Reliable Religious Argument Against COVID Vaccination, Says Megachurch Preacher

It’s no secret to anyone that a lot of people are skeptical regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Most often, they behave likewise due to a lack of trust in the media, the governments, or the doctors. But there are also people who wouldn’t get vaccinated because of religious arguments.

There are even some Christians who believe that the COVID vaccine is the “mark of the beast” from the Bible, and that accepting the jab means to sell your soul to the Devil. There are also other religious arguments against the vaccine for the coronavirus, and a Texas megachurch preacher believes that neither of them is reliable, as he told the Associated Press.

“There is no credible religious argument”

The Rev. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, meaning a Southern Baptist megachurch from Dallas (Texas), said for via email:

There is no credible religious argument against the vaccines,

Christians who are troubled by the use of a fetal cell line for the testing of the vaccines would also have to abstain from the use of Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Ibuprofen, and other products that used the same cell line if they are sincere in their objection.

The First Baptist Dallas megachurch was established more than 150 years ago, and it has a congregation of roughly 13,000 as of 2018. The church is regarded as influential for the evangelical Christians in the US, and it owns and operates several radio stations, a school, and also Dallas Life, meaning a mission for those who are homeless.

Feel free to leave your own opinions in the comment section! Would you refuse to get vaccinated for COVID due to any religious concern? Do you believe that religious arguments against vaccinations are reliable?


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