The WHO Is Blaming the European Football Championship for the Rise in COVID Infections

The WHO Is Blaming the European Football Championship for the Rise in COVID Infections

The 2020 European Football Championship, commonly referred to as EURO 2020, has begun in June 2021 with a delay of one year due to the COVID pandemic. The stadiums aren’t filled at their full capacities, but even so, the WHO (World Health Organization) blames the gathering of supporters as one of the reasons for the recent rise in COVID infections in some countries from Europe.

The New York Times has brought the news about WHO’s unpleasant statements, and the organization claims that not only the clusters of football fans from the stadiums are to blame. Those showing up in pubs and bars to watch the matches on a TV are also contributing to the rise in COVID infections, according to the WHO.

A new coronavirus wave might be on its way

The WHO doesn’t hesitate to raise concerns about another virus wave, and if we take a look at the situation in countries like the UK, Spain, Turkey, or Russia, the chances are high that the grim scenario will become a reality. These countries are dealing with thousands of COVID infections every day, and it could be only a matter of time until more countries will be added to the list.

Catherine Smallwood, who is the senior emergency officer of the World Health Organization, declared as cited by The New York Times:

We need to look much beyond just the stadiums themselves,
We need to look at how people get there: Are they traveling in large, crowded convoys of buses? And when they leave the stadiums, are they going into crowded bars and pubs to watch the matches?

Compared to other major football competitions between national teams, more than one country are hosting the 2020 European Football Championship matches: Netherlands (Johan Cruijff Arena from Amsterdam), Azerbaijan (Baku Olympic Stadium from Baku), Romania (National Arena from Bucharest), Hungary (Puskás Arena from Budapest), Denmark (Parken Stadium from Copenhagen), Scotland (Hampden Park from Glasgow), England (Wembley Stadium from London), Germany (Football Arena Munich from Munich), Italy (Olimpico from Rome), Russia (Saint Petersburg Stadium from Saint Petersburg), and Spain (Estadio La Cartuja from Seville).


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