The WHO Compares Recent COVID Outbreak Across the World With the “Tip of the Iceberg”

The WHO Compares Recent COVID Outbreak Across the World With the “Tip of the Iceberg”

Although many of us are expecting to see the COVID pandemic ending once and for all in 2022, the virus doesn’t seem to care one bit about our wishes. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns about a recent rise in COVID infections worldwide, adding that it represents the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ according to

The government agency is also saying that countries should remain vigilant regarding the coronavirus. There’s also a drop in testing rates in some countries, and the WHO is not seeing this way of dealing with the virus as being the right one.

What’s causing the increase in COVID infections

According to the WHO, there are plenty of factors that led to the recent worldwide increase of COVID infections. The power of the Omicron variant, along with the one of the subvariant known as BA.2, represents one of the ways the virus is still gaining field. As expected, the government agency is also warning about the lifting of pandemic measures as contributing to the higher spread.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO, explained as quotes:

These increases are occurring despite reductions in testing in some countries, which means the cases we’re seeing are just the tip of the iceberg.

Did we mention how many of us were hoping that the pandemic would be over in 2022? It’s normal to wish for such a thing, considering that the world has made tremendous progress in fighting the disease. But Ghebreyesus comes to shatter our dreams once again by stating, as quoted by the same source mentioned above:

Each country is facing a different situation with different challenges, but the pandemic is not over,

I repeat, the pandemic is not over.

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