The Website Offering Monkeypox Vaccines in the NYC Crashes

The Website Offering Monkeypox Vaccines in the NYC Crashes

The amount of demands for monkeypox vaccines in New York City is so high that the website offering them has crashed. The public seems to be more concerned about monkeypox than ever, which is why they’re rushing to get vaccinated. There are even voices claiming that the US authorities might lose control of the outbreak of the viral disease.

Fox News brings the news about the crashing of the website offering monkeypox vaccines in NYC. It only took a few minutes for the website available for making appointments to crash, as there were too many demands overwhelming the software. But there’s not much reason to despair, as over 14,000 vaccines will become available this week in New York City.

Keep an eye on the news!

If you’re one of those who are willing to get vaccinated for monkeypox, you should just keep an eye on the news. Although the disease seems to be affecting gay and bisexual men mostly, people of other groups can become infected as well. 

Here’s what New York City’s health department stated, as Fox News quotes:

We will advise New Yorkers when more appointments can be made,

We apologize for the frustration caused and are working to build stable appointment infrastructure as we roll out more appointments as vaccine supply increases in the coming weeks.

Compared to COVID, monkeypox is definitely not a new virus, which means that there’s plenty of hope that humanity can overcome it. Here’s what Ashish Jha, who’s the White House coronavirus response coordinator, declared about the viral disease, as The Hill quotes:

We as a global community have known about it for decades. We know how it spreads. We have tests that help identify people who are infected. We have vaccines that are highly effective against it.

People can get infected with monkeypox through close contact with one another or by touching contaminated objects.



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