The USA is Devastated By The COVID-19 Pandemic, But Not All Americans Want The Vaccine

The USA is Devastated By The COVID-19 Pandemic, But Not All Americans Want The Vaccine

It should be only a matter of time until the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer will get fully approved in the States, the world’s most devastated country by the pandemic. But although many people are waiting for the drug to save the desperate worldwide situation, not everybody is willing to get vaccinated. 

The majority of the firefighters from the New York City don’t want to be vaccinated for COVID-19, according to a new study conducted by the Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA), which is a union representing 8,200 active firefighters.

55% of NYC firefighters refuse COVID-19 vaccination

There are 2,053 firefighters working in New York City, and 55% of them responded with ‘no’ to the question ‘will you get the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer when the department makes it available?’. The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) said about two weeks ago that it wouldn’t make the vaccine mandatory for its members, even given the actual situation when the city sees a surge of COVID-19 cases.

Mary Beth Morrissey, who is the chair of the COVID-19 task force of the New York State Bar Association, declared:

It may become necessary to require that certain individuals or communities be vaccinated, such as health care workers and students, to protect the public’s health,

The situation in the entire New York state from the US doesn’t look good at all, according to data from Since the beginning of the pandemic, over 742,000 cases of infections occurred, and almost 35,000 people died. New York remains the fifth State that it’s most affected by the ongoing pandemic, after Illinois, Florida, Texas, and California. The USA remains the hardest-hit country in the world by the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has over 289,000 deaths and more than 15 million infections.

The New York State expects 170,000 doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer, pending the emergency approval of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA).


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