The US Reports Record Number of COVID Cases for One Single Day: More Than a Million Infections

The US Reports Record Number of COVID Cases for One Single Day: More Than a Million Infections

The current pandemic situation in the USA seems apocalyptic, judging by the reported numbers of infections. The Omicron variant is spreading like wildfire. Researchers knew that the country’s dealing with a more infectious form of COVID, but perhaps nobody expected it to be this worse. reveals that according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, over one million new COVID cases were reported Monday.

The situation is indeed terrible in the USA. For the first time after a few months, the hospitals from the US once again count over 100,000 patients.

The health system is under serious pressure

Credit:, Gerd Altmann
Credit:, Gerd Altmann

Just in case you wanted to have another idea about how the health system from the USA is coping with the pandemic, feel free to check out the recent statement of Dr. Esther Choo, who is an emergency medicine professor, as quoted by CNN:

Our health system is at a very different place than we were in previous surges.

This strain is so infectious that I think all of us know many, many colleagues who are currently infected or have symptoms and are under quarantine.

But as in any hard situation, there is still hope even in the current context of the Omicron variant. Dr. Scott Gottlieb is the one bringing us hope, who is the former FDA Commissioner. He declared about the Omicron strain, as quoted by

There’s a very clear, as I said, decoupling between cases and hospitalizations and does appear now based on a lot of experimental evidence that we’ve gotten just in the last two weeks, that this is a milder form of the coronavirus appears to be a more of an upper airway disease and a lower airway disease that’s good for most Americans.

Let’s all try to be optimistic!

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