The Summer Sun Reduces The Risks Of Multiple Sclerosis

The Summer Sun Reduces The Risks Of Multiple Sclerosis

Sun therapy is called phototherapy and is a method with positive results in the treatment of certain diseases as it contributes to the proliferation of lymphocytes, thus enhancing the immune system of a person. Moreover, the summer sun reduces the risks for multiple sclerosis, of course, if the exposure time is controlled and protection against UV radiations is applied.

Besides, the sunlight can improve psoriasis and reduce depression, having a healing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic role. Even more, there are studies that show that the sun helps patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The summer sun reduces the risks of multiple sclerosis

Exposure to the summer sun reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis, according to new research in the phototherapy field.

The recent studies and several older statistics attest the fact that people were born and are living closer to the equator present a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Also, there are researchers who claim that people who have exposed more to the summer sun in adolescence have lower risks of developing multiple sclerosis.

Canadian scientists have proven the sun exposure’s benefits in a study

Helen Tremlett from the University of British Columbia, in Canada, published yesterday, in the journal Neurology, a report that describes a study on how summer sun is positively impacting the health.

The study was conducted on 151 women suffering from multiple sclerosis and 253 healthy women.

“We found that just generally going out in the summer was a beneficial thing and didn’t matter so much if you were exposing yourself to direct sunlight. It was just going out in the summer that was associated with a reduced risk,” Tremlett said in an interview.

“Our findings suggest that health behaviors through until early adulthood can alter your risk of developing MS,” said Tremlett, who is also the Canada Research Chair in multiple sclerosis and neuroepidemiology.

The researchers concluded that summer sun reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis not only in childhood but also during the whole life of a person.


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