The State Where Stadiums Become COVID-19 Vaccination Centers

The State Where Stadiums Become COVID-19 Vaccination Centers

As the ongoing pandemic is ravaging the US, vaccination is one of the best solutions we can think of. Of course, first of all, everybody should take good care of themselves. Being careful with your health also means doing your best to protect those around you. We wrote in a previous article how seven daily habits recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) could keep us protected from getting infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to, ten million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine were administered to the US population until now, January 14. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reveals that despite the acceleration of the vaccine rollout in the US, states like Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, and South Carolina are lagging behind the rest. These states have only administered less than 2,000 vaccine shots per 100,000 residents.

California stadiums become COVID-19 vaccination centers

California is the most affected American state by the COVID-19 pandemic, as it counts over 2.8 million infections and a death toll of over 31,000 souls. There’s no wonder why the state decided to transform stadiums into vaccination centers for COVID-19. The peculiar news is brought by, as fairgrounds, baseball stadiums, and even a Disneyland Resort parking lot from California became mass vaccination sites. Newsom, one of the Democrats, admitted that the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has been sloppy, and he pledged 1 million shots to be administered this week.

Hilda Solis, County Board of Supervisors Chair, declared:

“Visitors are not allowed into hospitals for their own safety. Families are sharing their final goodbyes on tablets and mobile phones.”

“One of the more heartbreaking conversations that our health care workers share is about these last words when children apologize to their parents and grandparents for bringing COVID into their homes, for getting them sick,” Solis added.

“And these apologies are just some of the last words that loved ones will ever hear.”

As for the entire US, the country reported over 23 million infections and more than 395,000 deaths.


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