The Salmonella Outbreak In The US Made New Victims

The Salmonella Outbreak In The US Made New Victims

Salmonellosis is a common bacterial infection that affects the intestinal tract. The Salmonella bacterium lives in the intestines of humans, animals, and birds, and is transmitted through the feces. This week, the CDC announced that the Salmonella outbreak in the US extended.

About Salmonella

People most often get infected with contaminated food and water and the illness, known as Salmonellosis, has an incubation period that varies between a few hours and two days.

Salmonellosis is usually caused by eating contaminated meat, eggs, or products made with raw or insufficiently cooked eggs (mayonnaise). However, seafood can also be a common cause if it comes from contaminated water.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can also cause this infection if they are irrigated (before being picked) or washed with contaminated water during processing. Many foods become contaminated when prepared by people who do not wash their hands well, especially after using the toilet.

The Salmonella outbreak in the US extended

On February 22nd, the CDC has announced, for the first time, that the US is hit by a Salmonellosis outbreak which, back then, has already affected 65 people.

Just recently, the CDC came up with a new report regarding this situation. According to the officials, since February 22nd, there have been registered 105 more cases.

During the last month, the US health officials discovered that Salmonella was found in pre-made chicken salads made by Triple T Specialty Meats, Inc and sold by Fareway stores. Accordingly, the manufacturer recalled over 20,000 chicken salads.

Iowa is the most affected state by the Salmonellosis outbreak but Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota also registered cases of infected people.

How to protect yourself from Salmonellosis

The only way to protect yourself from this infectious disease is by frequently washing your hands, always washing fruits and vegetables, and by buying your raw groceries only from trustworthy places.

In the end, the Salmonella outbreak in the US looks far from ending, so, more cases are expected to appear.


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