The Risk of Having a Stroke Goes Down By Almost Half If There is Increasing Moderate Activity

The Risk of Having a Stroke Goes Down By Almost Half If There is Increasing Moderate Activity

Doctors knew even from ancient times that being sedentary is not a good idea if you care about your health. You become susceptible to many diseases, and some can even kill you. 

The Guardian reveals that a new study confirms that being sedentary is no healthy way of living. Older adults need to stay relatively active as well to cut down the risk for certain diseases, and the new research has them under the spotlight. 

At least 14 minutes a day of moderate activity represent a great way to cut down the risk of having a stroke

The study in question gathered data from over 7,600 people who had an average age of just over 63 years old. Their health was also tracked for about seven years more, during which 286 of these individuals had a stroke. The research reveals that older adults who want to cut the risk of having a stroke by almost half (40%, to be more precise) can simply expand their moderate activity to at least 14 minutes per day if they’re already performing some activity for 3 minutes per day. 

Just in case you still have doubts, here’s what the authors wrote, as The Guardian quotes:

 This study’s findings suggest that more time spent being physically active, especially at moderate intensities, and less time spent being sedentary, particularly in longer bouts, may help reduce the risk of stroke.

The same study reveals that if a person spends four to five hours of light-intensity activity every day, the stroke risk will also go down.

Figuring out how to stay safe from a stroke is essential. Known as the medical condition that can kill a person, a stroke occurs when the blood supply to one part of the brain is halted. 

The new study was published in JAMA Network Open.


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